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About DTA

The Dutch Torrefaction Association is a group of innovative entrepreneurs who wish to make a positive, effective and concrete contribution towards a healthier climate. We have taken as our starting point the idea that sustainable energy and efficiency in technology and production are key to the wellbeing of tomorrow’s world. This notion led directly to an innovative production process using torrefaction. As a group we would like to develop this technology further with the aim of establishing a Dutch spearhead in order to retain knowledge and jobs in the Netherlands. We are convinced that torrefaction is the technique of tomorrow, one we would like to see exploited to its fullest potential. A process deserving a broad social and political support. Within the arena of government, politics, management and private producers, we are working hard towards a sound national positioning for torrefaction. We therefore address research queries and provide information on this new technology collectively; an innovative technology which offers a solution for cleaner and sustainable energy production.



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Power producers

An overview of all the advantages the use of torrefied material can offer you as an power producer. More information

Torrefaction and DTA in the media

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