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The advantages of biocoal

Sustainable, efficient and innovative, torrefaction is centred on a better future; tomorrow’s technology for tomorrow’s world. An overview of the application advantages:

  • the process requires less energy/heat
  • can be used for all types of coal-fired power plant
  • more energy value from less material (energy density of 18 – 20 GJ/m3 compared to 10 – 11 GJ/m3 for biomass)
  • reduced requirements for storage and transport
  • reduced fossil CO2 emissions
  • hydrophobic (water-repellent)

An overview of the technological advantages:

  • Biologically inactive
  • Homogeneous composition
  • Low Cl and S contents
  • Utilisation of fly-ash is trouble free
  • Geen stoorstoffen
  • No foreign bodies or impurities
  • Decentralised E-generation possible
  • Limitation of and saving on logistical handling
  • Transport via waterways
  • Fuel produced to client’s specifications
  • In terms of pricing, a superior alternative to both biomass and traditional coal
  • CO2 certification possible
  • SDE subsidy possible


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