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On Torrefaction of bio mass

The word torrefaction is derived from the French verb “torrefier”, meaning to roast, and is chiefly used for describing the process of roasting coffee beans. In the context we use it here, torrefaction means a mild thermal treatment of biomass or raw materials containing biomass under low-oxygen conditions. In this manner, torrefaction makes the production of replacement products for fossil fuels possible. The resulting bio coal can be used directly in traditional coal fired power plants. This can significantly reduce fossil CO2 emissions, with the technology playing a significant role in the greening of power installations still currently running on traditional coal. When compared to using biomass directly as a fuel, the important advantages of this replacement fuel are its greatly improved energy, logistic handling and grinding qualities. Torrefaction is the key technological process for achieving high quality transformation of biomass or raw materials containing biomass into energy.

Efficient, duurzaam, toekomst

Efficient This replacement sustainable fuel demonstrates important advantages over the direct use of biomass as a fuel. One good example is its excellent grinding qualities which makes the torrified material (bio coal) an eminently practical alternative fuel for almost all types of coal-fired power plants. Bio coal also demonstrates high-grade energy generating qualities. This means that bio coal, when compared kilo for kilo to biomass, will generate more energy. Due to these qualities, bio coal is also attractive from a logistical point of view. After all, as smaller amounts are required to generate equivalent energy, there are inevitable reductions in storage and transport requirements.
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