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Torrefaction: The future of energy

Torrefaction the technique for tomorrow’s world. Energy can be sustainably generated with torrefied products; a plus for the environment and a sound investment. Are you an energy supplier? The Dutch Torrefaction Association (DTA) has all the information you need on torrefaction and its possibilities.Many large energy companies including Delta, E.On, RWE and Essent are already busy gearing up their plants to use replacement products for fossil fuels. Bio coal is one example here. The DTA can act as your information consultant and supplier of a new and sustainable, low-CO2 energy mix.

Bio coal

Bio coal is produced when biomass or residue containing biomass is torrefied. Bio coal is a replacement for fossil fuels, which can be used directly in traditional coal fired power installations. Bio coal is easier to grind, has better energy qualities, is more convenient to transport and reduces CO2 emissions. Power plants currently using traditional coal can become cleaner and greener by introducing bio coal.

Is bio-coal suitable for me or my organisation?
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Power producers

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Torrefaction and DTA in the media

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